About Me

“On a mission to spreading the lust in wanderlust”

I am Jinal Inamdar a wanderluster and if you’re here, you’re probably one too! I quit my full-time job as a content creator to take off on my own and make travel the life I live. Having a masters in Multimedia Journalism, a passion for photography and videography, a thirst for sharing my travel experiences to help you travel more and an urge to travel every place in the world, I put together a blog that combines them all & will help give you the required nudge to travel bit more.
I love putting together looks for my trips, organising little fun itineraries for every trip and making the most of wherever I am. This let’s me enjoy every bit of being out there.


On 'Talkin Travel', I share my travel experiences and tips, so you can get new ideas about your next vacation, travel destinations or just short weekend escapes. I have travelled to over 20 countries so I think it is safe to say that everyone will find something interesting to read here.

Expect the ‘Travel fashion’ section of this blog to be full of overly-thought of and coordinated outfits, picturesque locations and my goofball face!