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5 Resorts In India That'll Set Your Instagram Feed On fire

Travelling to an aesthetic place and not taking pictures for the gram? Did no one ever! Here's my list of 5 Indian resorts that'll add wings to your Instagram-aesthetic, if you are someone who is able to stretch your budget. You can visit these places once the lockdown lifts and its safer to be wandering about. Currently, even #TalkinBookmarks these breath-taking resorts!

These places are also most ideal for those who have been postponing their 'international honeymoon', owning to the whole travel situation at present, and those who are looking to put their honeymoon money into something very chic but within the country. (And of course at a much lesser price than that international vacay)

1. Gypsies’ Hideout, Alibaug, Maharashtra

Every Mumbaikar loves visiting the coastal town of Alibaug to get away from the hectic city life. And why not? It’s pollution-free and sparse, which only adds to its geographic location. Gypsies’ Hideout in Alibaug is a beautiful villa available on Vista Rooms that showcases a vibrant Bohemian-style vibe with Moroccan decor. Enveloped by abundant mango and coconut trees, it’s the ideal coastal retreat with a swimming pool, kitchen, and other basic amenities. You can get those aesthetic blue & white themed photos and flaunt an old-school aesthetic on your gram! Head here once the lockdown lifts. Price: ₹21,000 / night ++

2. Saxofon, Goa

The socially-distanced, isolated getaway culture seems to be thriving, allowing people enough time and opportunities to explore different retreats. One such retreat in Vagator in Goa is cheekily called the Cocktail Villas. Officially named Saxofon, this is a three-bedroom villa with a private pool and a library. The lush surroundings of the place add character to the muted monochrome colors of its interiors. It’s ultra-modern and welcoming at the same time, a rare find at properties like these. You can book it on AirBnb.

Price: ₹22,143/ night

3. Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala

In the middle of the sleeping backwaters of Kerala, Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala makes you feel like you’ve landed on an island nothing short of idyllic. It exhibits manas, the 16th-century traditional homesteads of Kerala, strewn across the resort. These manas were transplanted from their original locations and reassembled painstakingly to create the luxurious abodes at this resort. If slow travel and easy living is your lifestyle, then this should be your aesthetic.

Price: ₹20,825/ night

4. Sujan Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan

How can anyone not Instagram a pink palace?! One of the oldest and most treasured palaces in the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur, home to the Maharaja of Jaipur, an enclosed oasis, the Rajmahal Palace is every bit beautiful as you can imagine. Every room is like a piece of art that you will want to capture and the lawns are simply splendid. I personally love this place and would highly recommend to any honeymooner or anyone who loves taking pictures!

Price: ₹54,000/ night onwards

4. Taj Bekal Resort & Spa, Kerala

You don’t call Kerala ‘God’s Own Country’ for nothing. If you’re looking for some time away from the grind, this is the place for you. A confluence of the backwaters and the sea makes this place truly remarkable. So your Instagram feed will be full of the beach, dining by the backwaters, the spa and relaxing cocktails on the go! Price: ₹11,000/ night onwards

5. Lakshman Sagar, Raipur, Rajasthan

Sewara brings back memories of indigenous Rajasthani architecture that we used to see in the doll-like souvenirs that were brought back from Rajasthan. The striking bright pink curtains, reminiscent of the local grab, flowing from the windows of the quaint hunting lodge creates a stunning composition for your Instagram picture as one enters the resort. Every corner of the resort tells a story which is rooted in the authenticity of the locale.

Price: ₹19,000/ night onwards

Well, whether your a long-awaiting honeymooner or just someone who's been seeking a luxurious, aesthetic getaway, this list should definitely help you! Also, this obviously isn't a "the only best" list or so. These are 5 retreats that I personally love the most and hence I've listed them. There are a lot many beautiful resorts spread across India, each depending on the type of getaway you are looking at - a jungle staycation, one with infinity pools, a country-side farm stay or an ultra-luxurious penthouse.

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