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8 Epic Ways To Take Your Photos On Solo Trips

When I first started my Instagram account, I wasn’t really sure if I was going to keep it up…as I started out just with a personal account, posting images of almost anything that I captured through my camera.

But here I am 5 years later still going strong and thoroughly enjoying the ride!

As I was busy building an aesthetic Instagram account, and travel and food took precedence over my feed, I realized an aesthetic and neatly done up organized feed is what will turn heads. Nobody likes a shabby, unorganized, haywire feed right? So I began putting my energies into planning my Instagram much better and much in advance to keep things under my control.

Soon I realized it wasn't just the looks of the feed but also the content and nothing, and I mean NOTHING can take precedence over good content. Now good content demands for a good story and good imagery. the photos had to speak for themselves if not the caption. And of this, the photos had to be WOW.

The question was, how were they going to be awesome when I was the one taking them myself? How could I be in the picture as well as take them? How would I compose a good frame and be in it? And these are questions I asked myself not only because I knew I would be travelling a lot solo, but also because of the time limitation I usually have on my shoots. Even with a skilled videographer along, sometimes time just doesn't permit for extra pictures for the gram!

On shoots, I am usually multi-tasking between directing the shots, anchoring them, going through my script every now and then, shooting reel content, shooting AND POSTING real-time stories (both vertical form content) and answering any brand calls that may come mid-shoots.

So I definitely had to come up with ways around being super efficient in getting my own snaps for the gram from each destination, because 1- I did not want to rely on someone, 2- I'm awkward to say I didn't like a shot if I didn't which I mostly don't because I am too finicky about my pictures lol and 3- I wanted to be self sufficient on solo trips.

Developing this blog and starting my Instagram account @jinal.inamdar has brought me so much joy; it is an opportunity to be creative and share my biggest passion, travel. There’s only so much you can gush to you friends about your most recent trip…Because trust me, it ain’t always easy!

So here are some tips and hacks I've tried, tested and swear by to get some awesome pictures not just for my Instagram, but for these blogs, to share with publications when required, to share for interviews, to create short photo stories with and simply to save as beautiful mementos.

It took a lot of trial and error to figure out the formula that worked for me to get it right and grow. And when I started seeing real results, a lot of friends and followers began reaching out to ask me who got my pictures. Always trying to be helpful, I would share some top level things I did that worked, but it never felt like enough time or space to explain everything.

That's why, I came up with an idea of writing down an E-book to help the rest of you, who may or may not be content creators, but always wonder how to get those aesthetic Pinterest'y pictures of yourself when you are travelling and mostly, when alone.

I have poured in a lot of time and effort into this and I sincerely hope it is useful. If you ever have any questions, as always, please reach out!!

I’ll continue to modify and add to this….if you have any comments feel free to let me know!

Also, if you want me to write another follow up book on what happens after the pictures are clicked - that is post production of the image, do let me know. I have some apps and editing tricks that make my pictures look the way they look and to tell you how the pictures can be enhanced to look so much better. You will almost be shocked by looking at the before & after.

Here are the points this E-book covers:

  • 8 different ways to get epic travel photos when travelling by yourself

  • Tips for travelling with a tripod

  • How to set up your tripod or gear to get ‘the shot’ with you in it

  • Ways to limit your camera from getting stolen when alone

  • How to stop caring what people think & getting those shots

Grab the E-book here

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