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8 Ways To Travel Extensively Without Leaving Your Desk Job

Updated: Apr 28

Do you also have a fervent case of FOMO when you scroll through your social media feed? It’s like everyone else is enjoying their life while you hammer away at your laptop every single day. And it gets unbearable when people go live showing the amazing places they are visiting and you are just commuting to work and back?

While you must have read the intro of most travel bloggers read as - "I left my 9-5 job to live my travel dream", don't feel pressurized to do so!

If you also want to travel and explore the big wide world, you really don’t have to quit your job and become a travel blogger (you must have thought about it at some point). A regular 10 to 7 job gives you enough weekends, holidays and leaves to discover new places. The trick is just being smart about how you are planning to travel. I am writing this to help you give realistic notes on how to travel without quitting your job.

And because this involves some slight planning, the current situation of working from home, couldn't have been a better opportunity for it! With more time on hand at present, why not make the best of the situation & start planning a bit in advance to craft that traveler life you always wanted to live!

1. Be Smart About Your Long Weekends And Other Holidays

Every year has 52 weeks which means 52 weekends and if you double up this number (because weekends are 2 days lol) you get 104 days worth of travel. While logically and practically travelling on every weekend might not be possible, even if you travel for half of these weekends, you still get 26 weekends to travel. And that is a lot!!

Add the public holidays and your paid leaves to this and you can easily conjure up enough time to take international trips or backpack through North East India (it has been on my bucket list for the longest time).

If this is not motivational enough, there are plenty of travel bloggers who haven’t quit their jobs to maintain their social media feed. If they can travel on weekends, blog about it and work 9 hours, you can surely summon some strategies and planning to discover beautiful offbeat destinations. Sit with your yearly calendar and draw out all the weekends, long weekends, public holiday and plan much in advance.

2. Set Your Priorities Straight

While there are some people who have a serious case of wanderlust, others are just pretending they like to travel. So the first step to travelling without quitting your job is to decide whether you really want to travel or not. After you have decided this, you need to zero down on the places where you can experience the things you really like doing. Be it a laid-back vacation in the mountains or paragliding and adventure camping, there is a lot of things one travels for.

Be firm with what tops your priority list and plan accordingly. After you have set your travel priorities in order, you won’t be tempted to blow up 500 bucks at Starbucks (Yes! imagine me saying this!) Every little penny counts!

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3. Book Your Travel Tickets And Hotel Stay In Advance To Lessen Your Expenses

Often times, I have been guilty of not feeling like travelling when the time finally arrives to board the bus (flight or train). But, thanks to my past experiences, by the time I'm feeling like I don't wish to leave, I have already made my booking long back and the option of not going is not even a consideration. And guess what, I have never regretted trips on which I wasn’t initially excited to go. Of course, the only reason why I wasn’t willing to board the flight is always my laziness and the familiarity with being home!

This is why you should consider booking in advance for your trips. Not only it saves you a lot of money (flight tickets and hotels are cheaper when you book early!) but it also avoids your sluggishness being in the way of your next adventure.

4. Open A Travel Fund Account For Those International / Expensive Trips

Just like an RD or FD account, you can also open a travel fund account and save some part of your salary every month if you want to go on a long vacation, a bucket-list luxury hotel staycation or travel to an international destination. For example, ICICI bank offers iWish account for the same. You can check with your bank whether they have any such options.

The idea behind saving some amount of your money is a sure shot way of travelling when the time arrives. This is perfect for those people who are perpetually broke and cancel last minute because of money.

5. Stop Taking Leaves Without Any Reason

At some point of time, everyone has called in sick just because they are not feeling like it. Or getting drunk on weekdays only to wake up with a throbbing headache and again calling in sick. Stop doing this if you want to travel because you can use that leave in the future to travel.

6. Work With Companies That Offer The Opportunity To Travel

This is easily one of the best ways to travel while you work. You don’t have to rely on long weekends when your company sends you to beautiful locations for meeting, acquisitions or simply experiencing it. Several firms offer plenty of travelling opportunities. Like I had joined Curly Tales, a digital travel & food platform that allowed me to travel twice every month on work assignments and that totally fed my hunger for travel.

Some travel and tourism companies even offer room nights, free flight tickets or discounts to their employees.

7. Travel Like A Native

When you are travelling while working, not making the most of your trip is the biggest mistake. Seriously, won’t it be a bummer if you couldn’t visit some hideout spots that are peaceful and less noisy compared to the famous tourist attractions?

This is why gathering local knowledge is very important. For this, you can stay in hostels or homestays instead of big hotels - of course one's that don't involve extreme human interaction and are totally adhering to covid safety. The benefit of a homestay is that you will be able to talk to the locals and also other travellers who will offer tidbits that you won’t find on any travel guide online. From book cafes in McLeodganj to mud house hostels in Jibhi, there are literally a lot of places that are not touched by tourists which make it all the more worth visiting.

8. Discover One Place Properly

If you just have two to three days to travel, it is wiser to stay in one location and discover it properly instead of hopping from one place to another every single day. Even if the two places are just 6 hours apart. Remember, travelling doesn’t have to be a competition where you mark off as many places as you can on the map. It is all about knowing the place, indulging in the local flavors of the place and of course, making memories.

Apart from these things, you simply need to have a desire for travel. You just have to decide the destination, day and plan in advance. Of course, impromptu plans made up at the last minute are also pretty amazing but the chances of those happening are limited to college students only. For working professionals, it is all about strategizing and planning.

Travelling is not just a thing you do for leisure or business, it has become a passion for some and a way of life for others. Work for me. If the wanderlust bug has bit you too, read this blog to get pointers on how to travel without quitting your job and share it with your friends who you think need to do this!

And while you take out your journal & start making these notes & planning, remember to stay safe, indoor at the moment and be aware of all the travel restrictions and regulations that are being updated daily. Only once the world sets to rolling again, think of stepping out and finally take that trip!

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