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Bookmark These 8 Hidden Spots Near Mumbai For A Short Break Once Safe

The upsurge in covid positive cases can and should definitely stop us from travelling at the moment, but nothing can stop us from dreaming of a better tomorrow, or even better, bookmarking some beautiful places to visit once its safe to.

#TalkinBookmarks these 8 gorgeous hidden places that are close for Mumbai peeps to take that much awaited & required weekend getaway!

So save this article and get jotting down!

8. Morachi Chincholi

A small eco-village, around 60 km from Pune, Morachi Chincholi is perfect for a one-day trip near Mumbai. Home to a beautiful peacock sanctuary, it is your perfect escape into tranquility, as only very less people know about this hidden gem. Other than peacocks, the place also houses babblers, robins, woodpeckers and parakeets among others. Perfect for a nature lover, who ahs been away from nature for so many months.

How Far from Mumbai: 180 km

Driving Time Would Be: 3 hours 45 minutes

Things You Can Do Here: Birdwatching, nature tours, photography

7. Velas

This one is a crowd-free seaside hamlet in Maharashtra that is perfect for a weekend getaway. Velas lies across the mouth of the Savitri River from Harihareshwar and is popular for it's turtles. Olive Ridley sea turtles come ashore from the Arabian Sea to lay eggs, which they bury in the sand, before again disappearing in the ocean. Without disturbing this beautiful creature, you can chill here and watch the cute turtles.

How Far from Mumbai: 215 km Driving Time Would Be: 5 hours 10 minutes Things You Can Do Here: Turtle watching, beach fun & photography

6. Tamhini Ghat

If a bike trip is what you are looking for, then you will love Tamhini Ghat. The road trip will take you through the Western Ghats, past several waterfalls, along dam reservoirs, over green valleys. Sounds interesting right? Basically, this entire road trip with be a pit-stop every 5 mins for a photo-op because the route is just so scenic!

How Far from Mumbai: 140 km Driving Time Would Be: 3 hours 30 minutes Things You Can Do Here: Visit Mulshi Dam, camping, nature walks, birdwatching & more

5. Tapola

Touted as mini Kashmir, Tapola should definitely be on your list. Located on the shores of Shivsagar, formed by damming the Koyna River, Tapola is an idyllic place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also visit the farms around the place and pick up fresh produce, to get that country-side feel.

How Far from Mumbai: 250 km Driving Time Would Be: 6 hours Things You Can Do Here: Water scooter and motorboat rides, swimming, kayaking, trip to the farms

4. Amba Ghat

If some peaceful time is what you are looking for and don't mind driving for long hours, then Amba Ghat is the place to be. It is essentially a mountain pass perfect for a long drive from Mumbai. Interestingly, the place lies within Sahyadri Tiger Reserve and Bison Wildlife Sanctuary, so you are likely to see regional wildlife, including the Bengal tiger and the massive gaur (Indian bison).

How Far from Mumbai: 405 km Driving Time Would Be: 7 hours 25 minutes Things You Can Do Here: Hiking, wildlife spotting, paragliding, visit to Vishalgad Fort and Pawankhind

3. Jawhar

Nestled in the Western Ghats, this little town called Jawhar can be toured for an escape into the lap of nature and ancient culture. This picturesque place is home to the Warli people, who are known for their Warli paintings. Apart from seeing tribal art, you can also visit the historical Jaivilas Palace.

How Far from Mumbai: 120 km Driving Time Would Be: 3 hours Things You Can Do Here: Jaivilas Palace, Sunset Point, Dahbosa and Kalmandvi waterfalls

2. Sandhan Valley

If adventure is what you are looking for, then this is the place for you. Known as the Valley of Shadows, Sandhan Valley is a great adventure destination near Mumbai, for it gives you a combined thrill of hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, and river crossing. Also, they have these hair-raising drop tents which are suspended like a little drop and you can actually just sit/stay in it, if you have a daredevil inside you. My palms sweat as I even write this or see this picture!

How Far from Mumbai: 185 km Driving Time Would Be: 4 hours 10 minutes Things You Can Do Here: Hiking, river crossing, rappelling, camping

1. Anjarle–Harnai

And my favorite one on the list is touted to be one of the most beautiful beach getaways near Mumbai - Anjarle-Harnai. I hadn't heard of of this place until a while go as I was researching some beach getaways near Mumbai and Pune. If you too are a beach bum then this is the place to be. On either side of the Jog River’s banks, these two are idyllic seaside towns, which give you a perfect combination of coastal fun + historical and architectural awe.

How Far from Mumbai: 230 km Driving Time Would Be: 5 hours 10 minutes Things You Can Do Here: Attend fish auction, beach visits, fort tours

Well, while you bookmark this list for yourself, don't forget to share it with friends who you'd like to plan going here with. And until then, stay indoors, and stay safe!

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