• Jinal Inamdar

Drive Your Parents To Dadar For this Vaccine Drive-Through Now!

2020 and 2021 sure have been the worst years we've experienced. So many trends have risen, but the worst. or let's say best in a strange way, would be - leaving behind movie drive-throughs to now facilitate vaccine-drive throughs! The drive-in vaccination facility has been started in Mumbai's multi-storey Kohinoor public parking lot in Dadar West.

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started the city's first drive-in vaccination facility where specially abled people and senior citizens ONLY will be administered vaccine doses against coronavirus in their own vehicles.

The drive-in vaccination facility has been started in the city's multi-storey Kohinoor public parking lot on JK Sawant Marg, near Shivaji Park in Dadar West. After the inauguration of the facility, the first vaccine dose was administered to a beneficiary in his car at around 10 am.

The entire facility has seven booths, of which two are being used as drive-in booths. The entire facility has the capacity to inoculate 5,000 beneficiaries per day across seven booths. The parking lot can accommodate up to 70 vehicles while people queue up for the two drive-in booths.

BMC will also set up a registration stall at the drive-in booths and the staff will help out the beneficiaries to get themselves registered while they wait in the queue to get their vaccine shots.

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