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The Ultimate Koh Samui Itinerary: Experiences You Must Not Miss

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Looking to spend a few days in the dreamy island of Koh Samui in Thailand? Do you want to just chill while sipping umbrella cocktails on white sand beaches? Or do you want to plunge into the ocean and discover its secrets? Are you a party animal who likes to let loose every night? Whatever your fancy, the island will cater to it.

Scroll through a detailed 4 day Koh Samui itinerary and make the most of your Thailand trip!

Getting To Koh Samui

Koh Samui is Thailand’s largest island, and it’s known for its palm-fringed

beaches, coconut groves, dense rainforests and luxury resorts and spas! Here are few ways to get here

  1. First fly down to Bangkok, then take a direct flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui. This is the most convenient option for international travelers. Bangkok to Koh Samui is a 1 hour 20 minute flight only.

  2. Take a flight to Suratthani and from there, take a 1.5 hour ferry to Koh Samui. This is the most preferred route to reach the island for locals

  3. Take an overnight train to Suratthani and from there take a 1.5 hour ferry to Koh Samui. This could work out to be the cheapest option for locals

For Indians, you can opt for a visa on arrival, however, this would mean spending an extra hour after you land trying to get your visa in place. A quicker and better option is to apply for an E-visa and then travel.

A single entry tourist visa would cost you Rs 2500.

Once you get to the airport, hold on to your bag handles, because you may not believe what you see!

The Koh Samui airport is one of the most beautiful airports I've been to. It feels like you're at a tropical resort and the it starts to give off a holiday vibe as soon as you land. Be welcomed by wooden chalets, palm trees and streams flowing around you.

Here are 6 things that I did in Koh Samui and would recommend anyone visiting, not not miss!

1. Stay At Royal Muang Samui Villas

The reason I recommend this resort is I stayed here and experienced it first-hand and it is nothing less than gorgeous. The private pool villas are extremely luxurious, yet cosy. Each chalet consists of one room that can accomodate 2 persons and it comes with a huge bath, and a private little pool of your own.

What I liked the most: The floating breakfast This may not seem like the most convenient way to eat but its the best way to start your day! A floating breakfast tray is made available upon request, right into your private pool where you can swim and eat and swim and eat!

There's ofcourse a dining area as well at the resort where you can choose to have your brekky in case the idea of a breakfast in your pool doesn't sit well with you.

The resort also offers another key takeaway, that is its in-house spa - The Cave Rai Ra Beach Spa. This spa is actually designed inside a man-made cave that takes you into a different world altogether! In the pin drop silence and coolness from the stone cave walls, all you'll hear upon entering is the the sound of a man-made waterfall inside this cave. Choose your aroma oil and slip into a relaxing massage

2. Experience Watersports

Koh Samui is known for offering a variety of watersports; from jet skiing to underwater diving, from snorkelling to scuba diving there's so much you can do here. I am not much of an adventure sports sort of a person so I managed to just sit and watch everyone snorkel around me! haha

From Koh Samui, you can take a jetty to the Koh Tao or Koh Phangan islands where you can get to enjoy these activities. I didn't snorkel but I definitely did try a hand at kayaking. Took me a while to get the hang of maneuvering my kayak, but once I did, it seemed like a lot of fun!

What I liked the most: There's a little patch of land on the Koh Tao island in between two large turquoise water bodies, where you can sit, chill and be surrounded with palm fringes and crystal clear water all around you. The vibe is unmatched!

Tip: Diving in Koh Samui can be very expensive. So it’s better to travel to Koh Tao and dive there.

3. Visit WeGreen Samui

This is an entire farm to plate experience of some gooood food! And it has made it to this list because its a totally unique experience. When you enter, they'll take you around their lush green farm to show a variety of uses of fresh coconut. And to begin with, you'll witness some theatre by a monkey who climbs up a palm tree and knocks down a couple coconuts for its onlookers. This coconut is then broken open and you'll be given some fresh coconut water. Later they show you how a coconut sweet is made, give you fresh coconut milk to sample, and a variety of other coconut dishes would be under prep.

You can pluck some veggies too from their farm and then they cook those up and get you the yummiest meal ever. Its tasty and healthy all in one. Oh and also they'll hand you hugeeee coconuts filled with fresh coconut water, to go along.

Its a great place to have lunch.

What I liked the most: I am personally a sucker for anything made from coconut so the I loved trying all the different coconut dishes

4. Go On An ATV Ride

Koh Samui is all about its endless water bodies and all things tropical, but also, here you'll find one of the oldest ATV ride provider called Samui Quad Motor. The route they offer for riding is pretty cool. It's full of rocks and streams of water flowing, making the entire experience a tad adventurous and fulfilling. When you reach here, they'll hand you a liability waiver form to sign, let you choose your own quad bike and also your own helmet. The helmets are a bit stinky as they are re-used by customers, so be prepared. The experience however, will totally take your mind off it!

Once the bike and helmet selection has been made, they'll seat you in a 4X4 Jeep and drive you to the riding area. You'll find your quad bike and helmet awaiting you, upon reaching. The route is about 20-25 minutes long and you can ride the whole route over again twice.

What I liked the most: Biking in the streams and boulders is a totally fun thing to do.

Tip: Remember to not be dressed too fancily as there's a chance for the muddy water from the streams to splash all over you when you are racing with your friends through the route. Wear something comfortable along with sturdy good footwear, that you don't mind getting dirty in mud and rubble.

5. Visit A Night Market

This is one of the best things to experience if you want to settle wholly into the Thai culture. Because a night market is one spot where you'll find all things very Thai! From people to food to shopping items, everything boasts of traditional Thai culture.

At a night market you'll find rows of tents that are actually food stalls. The one I went to was outside the Central Mall on Chaweng Beach road. You'll find delicacies like silkworms and cockroaches to exotic tropical fruits like the mangosten and lichis to different kinds of meat like crocodile meat, beef, bacon, pork or chicken. Ofcourse, you'll even find a mango sticky rice stall and some fresh fruit juice stalls.

There's also a string of tents full of things to buy like clothes, wall hangings, wind chimes or even lingerie! Lol

What I liked the most: I loved sampling the different meats and fruits and the whole vibe of the place, just seemed like a Thai version of a European Christmas market

6. Party It Up

No place can offer you killer parties like islands, because of their beach setting and easy breezy party vibe. There's no compulsion to dressing up to party, because everyone at beach parties is rather dressed down and just there having fun letting their hair down. I went to the Ark Bar for a beach party. It has a worldwide reputation of being one of the wildest party venues. Koh Samui is extremely popular for its full moon parties, but unfortunately I was travelling a bit later than the full moon party date. However, this beach party was nothing less than an ultimate party spot. When you enter the beach area, you'll find fire ring performers, men with Iguana's on their heads walking around, people with glow light bands, a stage with the DJ blaring trippy tunes into the atmosphere and almost everyone with a drink in their hand. Its a perfect party spot to end an eventful day in Koh Samui.

What I liked the most: The vibe and the music totally got me in an instant. The fire show they put on is just incredible. The sight of fire-dancers daringly twirling in the night air, on a platform erected in the sea is sure to put you in a trance.

Well Koh Samui for me was an experience like no other. I am a sucker for tropical destinations, and Koh Samui was indeed a perfect place to enjoy that the most.

If you're ever planning to visit this gorgeous island, remember, to save this article and tick mark all of the above things to do! Koh Samui is way beyond just lazing at a beach. Remember to soak yourself in aromatic oils and some breathtaking views. Order an Electric Soup cocktail (coconut rum, ginger, chilli and kaffir lime) and nab a hammock chair overlooking the glimmering Gulf of Thailand.

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