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Here's What To Do For Safety On Every Road Trip Here On

Road trips are going to rank over taking flights or group vehicles and if it's here to stay and rule the travel commute space, there here are few things you must take note of to maintain safety & hygiene on your next road trip, whenever that might be.

If you’re an avid traveler, you know that there is no match of the feeling of driving on an endless highway, watching the sunset, enjoying your favorite songs with friends in the backseat, while the cool breeze crosses blows across your face.

Well, road trips are not only soul-enriching, but in the current times, road trips are also the safest means of travel as you are in a controlled environment, your car. Also, according to some reports, road trips will be a rather preferred travel option going ahead, as opposed to international trips or flights.

However, it is not always possible to maintain good hygiene while travelling by road too. So, I’ve compiled a list of hygiene and safety tips that will help you have a smooth a fun road trip, and a SAFE one.

  1. A week before your journey, start keeping a tab on your health and take an appropriate amount of vitamin C and D along with zinc daily to boost your immunity. Also, if you're reading this & wondering who plans a road trip? Impromptu plans are the best plans? Then hold on! In the post-covid era, forget about impromptu plans unless it's a walk in your backyard! Everything is safer & better henceforth when planned & thought of in advance

  2. Pack essentials like a torch, spare masks & gloves, individual bottles of drinking water, some plastic pouches, an extra pair of shoes and some quick snacks like protein bars or wafers

  3. Make sure that your vehicle is in a good shape and properly sanitized from inside as well as the outside

  4. Make sure to get enough sleep before the journey so you don’t feel tired. It will also ensure that your drive is as safe and efficient as possible

  5. Download the Aarogya Setu mobile app which will send alerts when you’re about to enter an area that has a higher number of coronavirus cases

  6. Don’t be in a rush to cover maximum distance in less time. Remember slow and steady wins the race. You must drive slow and safe rather than fast and furious

  7. Always be cautious of aggressive tailgaters. Let them pass. You're not on a race track

  8. Whenever parking your car, it’s best to take your valuables like phone, wallet, laptop, camera etc. with you. If you can’t take them all along at least make sure to properly hide them

  9. Avoid pulling over on the side of the road unless it is an emergency, especially at night

  10. If you don’t have experience in say mountain driving or riding on the snow, make sure you prepare yourself for special conditions

  11. Keep your loved ones informed of your whereabouts at all times via text or call

  12. Only book a 100% hygienic hotel and inquire in advance about what they are doing for safety & hygiene

  13. Wear a clinically approved face mask and gloves at all times during the journey and specially after reaching if the place has strangers around

  14. Try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth

  15. Wash your hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer frequently

16. Avoid touching anything at a public facility like toilets, gas station or cash dispensers. Make sure that you sanitize your hands after returning to the vehicle. Or carry a glove / tissue along to touch these surfaces and then discard it soon after

17. Prefer online payments (wherever possible) to avoid contact with any currency that may be contaminated. For unprecedented times, ask the vendor to put money in a plastic pouch

18. Keep your windows rolled up at all times and avoid coming in proximity or giving a lift to strangers

19. In case of a flat tire or car break down, stay inside the vehicle till the towing van or mechanic shows up. Make sure to maintain a 6-feet distance from them

20. As soon as you reach the accommodation facility, take a hot shower and send the clothes in laundry

21. Carefully dispose of the gloves and masks (if disposable) in a sealed bag or container which can further be dumped in a closed bin

Like I said, in the post-COVID-19 era, road trips are going to be the new travel trend as they are safer, closer to home and also offer the flexibility to enjoy the trip at one’s own pace. But if you think these above mentioned safety guidelines are bit much to practice, or you've been on so many road trips so you are confident of your well-being & those with you, then think again! The world has changed and so we need to adapt to this new normal. Normalize taking safety & hygiene precautions and do not make fun of those who do so.

Make sure to follow these tips for a convenient and safe road trip. Share this with your friends who you plan on taking the next road trip with, whenever the times allow you to.

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