• Jinal Inamdar

I Found Japanese Chalet Homes In Maharashtra

If you've ever wanted to live a 'Jungle Book' life, where you are perched right up on a tree, in a wooden chalet that looks like a little pointed hut, then this place will surely make that fairytale come true!

If one has to speak about offbeat stays in Maharashtra, then the Rumourss Sky Villas in Lonavala definitely makes it to that list. Created to look like traditional Japanese chalets, these rooms are not just a visual delight but also make for a super cosy place to stay in.

What To Expect

The property in total has 8 villas, of which 4 are pool villas and 4 happen to be sky villas. The pool villas, as the name suggests are on the ground, by the pool. And the sky villas, take up the upper space, and are erected high above the ground on a single iron mast. Upon walking up the spiral stairs, you'll feel a little wobbly, as the house shakes a bit upon movement! (Nothing to worry about

What's In The Sky Villa

And when you step into a sky villa, expect a single king sized bed, a balcony, a bath and stairs that take you up the attic. This attic comes a single king sized ground bedding too. This means, one sky villa can have 4 people sleep at a time, if two don't mind sharing a bed, in pairs. The balcony of each sky villa gives a different view. The one I stayed in, faced the pool and the faraway horizon.

The room comes with basic amenities like hot water, toiletries, a TV, AC, free Wifi, a little fridge, a kettle and a little fan for the attic. I personally preferred sleeping in the attic, as it seemed like a perfect cosy camping getaway to me. The bed is extremely comfortable and the view upon waking up, is beautiful.

Dining Here

Due to covid, the resort isn't serving up lunch and dinners , but a breakfast is inclusive. don't expect too much, there's basic Indian breakfast like poha, upma, poori bhaji, and so on. I personally just liked the upma. It tasted pretty good. Also, you can order in food from the vicinity, and the resort staff are kind enough to bring them up to your room along with cutlery.

Exploring Around

In terms of places to hang around, well there isn't too much you can do in the vicinity, other than visiting the Tiger Point or Lion Point in Lonavala, or the Bushy Dam.

Also, I visited here during the winters so it gets super chilly in the evenings, especially if you're going to be getting out in your balcony for a warm cup of coffee. Its a great way to spend the evening, but don't forget to carry something to keep you warm.

The cost

Sky Villa

  • Monday - Thursday : ₹10800/-

  • Friday - Sunday : ₹11700/-

Pool Villa

  • Monday - Thursday : ₹8100/-

  • Friday - Sunday : ₹9000/

The prices seem pretty exorbitant for a place that doesn't have much to explore in the vicinity and especially when meals aren't served. But if you're still looking to stay a day or two in a space that's totally unique and offbeat, then you should definitely give Rumourss Sky Villas a try!

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