• Jinal Inamdar

I Found The Cutest Rustic Workcation Spot In Mumbai To Isolate Yourself

All things said and done, if you have to stay just indoors or self isolate and work out of a home-space, then this rustic spot that I found is not just most ideal, but also sooo inexpensive, I still can't believe!

Welcome to Delphi Bungalow! This cutesy bungalow in Andheri East has been converted into a bunch of stays for single travelers. The rustic room that I'm mesmerized by is all white and decorated with distressed furniture which is so aesthetic. The room is bright and airy has a study table, an attached bathroom, a window which overlooks trees, a mirror with a dressing table and all the amenities required for a comfy stay.

The room is compact but super cheerful and is located ten minutes away from the airport. I like the overall calling aesthetics of the room and its a good option to spend a few days workationing here, if you're looking for a change of place. Or if you were sharing a space with someone who may have the 'symptoms' and you're looking to isolate yourself for a few days. Besides the room, you can access a dining and living room and also a cute balcony overlooking trees.

Being in the heart of the city, you will get easy access to pharmacies or ATMs. So in case you have to isolate yourself for whatever reason, and are looking for a great spot in Mumbai, where you can also work from, then here it is!

*Note: The host doesn’t provide or guarantee parking. So if you have your own vehicle, then make sure you find your own parking space.

Location: J.B. Nagar, Chakala, Mumbai

Cost: 1,750 / night Hospitals Close By: Seven Hills Hospital

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