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I Got To Stay Inside A Wine Barrel!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Recently, I visited a winery and little did I know that I would not just be getting to sample some good wine, and live amidst a vineyard, but also get to stay in an actual wine barrel!

Here's all you've got to know about the newest stay option - The Barrel Room, at Soma Vine Village in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Some Vine Village has been one of the vineyards amongst 4 others in Nashik. And Nashik being the wine capital of Maharashtra takes pride in each of its winery. I was booked a stay at the beautiful Champagne Villa in Some Vine Village. And I was told by the manager that there was to be some sort of a surprise for me, when I visited.

The Champagne Villa is one of the 3 villas at Soma Vine Village. This is 3 bedroom villa and can easily accommodate 9-10 persons. I was the only one staying here so it felt too grand, for one person! The villa comes with two bedrooms downstairs and one upstairs, that can be reached by a spiral of wooden stairs. Each bedroom opens up to a gorgeous view of the vineyard, that by the way is also accessible for walking around from the villa.

There's also a private infinity pool overlooking the vineyard, in the villa's courtyard area.

But the addition they've made to this villa is a barrel room, which is actually a human sized barrel, that truly is the cherry on the cake. It comes with a cosy king sized bed, a bath and has french doors opening up to a beautiful view of the villa pool and the horizon. The space inside isn't much, but the experience is what you should be staying for.

Also, a stay at Soma Vine Village is like an entire package tour, where you can easily spend two good days retreating at. There's vineyard tours, wine tasting and wine making tours all in the same compound. You can book yourself a tour (11am-5:30pm daily) where you can learn all about how the flavourful wines are made and then you can sample them. Rs 350 for 5 wines, Rs 500 for 7 wines and Rs 700 for 9 wines.

It's a great experience, everything put together!

Watch the entire experience here:

Here are my 3 key takeaways from this stay:

  1. The stay at Barrel Room

  2. View from the Champagne villa

  3. Wine served all day, every day at your villa

To know more about this stay, stay tuned as I've filmed an entire video on my stay here and the wine tour!

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