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Travel Trends That Are Here To Stay In A Post COVID-19 World

Updated: Apr 28

The world has been sliced into a before and after and here are 10 trends that are set to survive and stay in the post covid-19 world.

If you were still dreaming of international Diwali vacays and organized group tours, then sorry to wake you up! Consider these as trends of the past and push yourself to try and fall under a category in this below list of 10 trends.

Don't worry, none of these trends are anything less than exciting!

1. Workcations

As we all shifted our bases online in 2020, it became a lot clearer that, going forward, a lot of businesses might shift towards working from home. And with this new change, people realised all they need is electricity and a good internet connection to work from anywhere while travelling to their hearts fill. Workcation is what the word literally means – work+ vacation. Several companies have come up with brilliant travel plans for people willing to blur the lines between work and leisure, making workcation the biggest trend of the year.

2. Road Trips

When the pandemic started, one of the first things to shut down were aviation services. This had given a push to road travel as travelling in personal vehicles and rented cars emerged as a much safer option. Therefore, it is highly possible that the trend will continue, as travelers will continue to choose road trips over flights, as undoubtedly it is a one-of-a-kind experience. It's perfect for travelers of all ages and families and is socially distant by design. Additionally, you have control over where you want to go next, thus opening up a plethora of options.

3. Creating Bucket Lists

Ok this is where platforms like mine, Talkin Travel come in. If Covid-19 hampered your big travel ideas, then this is the perfect time to research about all the big plans you have made for yourself. With the restrictions around the virus changing every day, you have a lot more time in hand to do in-depth planning and saving for that dream trip you've always talked about. So, saving is the next big thing. Good news, the travel industry has become more than flexible with cancellation policies, so this is the time for you. And that's mainly the reason I keep posting about beautiful retreats and resorts that you need to bucket list right now, so you can travel there when you can. Look out for #TalkinBookmarks to get the hint.

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4. Domestic Travel

Due to travel restrictions, foreign borders have been constantly opening and closing. To deal with such uncertainty, travelers have been turning inwards to choose to explore their own country more. And boy, there's plenty to see in India. This is the time to visit all those remote destinations you have only heard or read about but gave up on them for that trip abroad. So, go on hikes, trek to your hearts fill, visit famous local destinations, and do so much more.

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5. Travel Bubbles

Travel Bubble is an agreement between two or more countries that open their borders to each other only. This helps facilitate travel between countries while keeping in mind all the health restrictions and safety of local and international citizens. This is a trend that will continue to evolve, possibly on a smaller scale. Right now, India has travel bubble arrangements with several nations.

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6. Considering Travel An Investment

The pandemic has put a lot of things in perspective for us, including travel. People now know that it is important, more than ever, to see travel as an investment more than a luxury. They have realised the restorative power that spending time outdoors can have. Travel will now become an investment to broaden the perspective, meet new people, experience cultures and uncover culinary gems. Spending longer time at destinations to experience the place more, is like to now take precedence over weekend getaways.

7. Conscious Travel

People are every day becoming conscious of the overwhelming impact they have on their surroundings and vice-versa. At present, we are always connected socially. But while travelling, more conscious travelers will be willing to leave their gadgets behind and get their money's worth. People will invest in experiences that prove to be fulfilling. Another part of travelling consciously will be planning ahead, which will give rise to several satisfying moments during your trips.

8. Sustainable Travel

The rest of the year and the following years will see people rethinking the way they see tourism and opt for sustainable travel. They may weigh the value of each trip, make it really count and also be responsible for their carbon footprint. This, in turn, will promote slow and remote travel plans. Chances are, people will choose to stay at one place for a longer period to experience the culture, travel more deeply, promote local businesses, be a responsible guest and much more.

9. Safe & Clean Travel Spaces

The travel industry and tourists have become more careful about safety and cleanliness ever since the pandemic began. There will be more PCR tests on arrival, mandatory masks, sanitisation being the top-most priority and cleaner surroundings. Even tourists will be more aware of the places that they are staying at, what they are eating and reviewing places that they are choosing.

10. Solo Travel

This one's probably my most favorite one. Solo travel trend is likely to gain even greater momentum. Since travel was steamrolled by the pandemic this year, the coming year will likely nudge travelers to wander on their own, without waiting for company. After all, solo travelling is possibly the most socially-distant way of travelling right now. If people do decide to travel in groups, it is highly likely that now people will travel in smaller groups and with people they closely know.

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