• Jinal Inamdar

Travel With Me Across The Globe Right Now From Your Home! Here's How

Here are some ways how you and I together can travel the world right now, from the comfort of our own homes!! Read on

This is an unprecedented time for travelers. Borders have closed. Countries are locked down. Flights are canceled. Cruises have paused service. World landmarks are closed, from the Taj Mahal to the Colosseum to Machu Picchu.

But I still have some good news amidst all of this. Did you know that there are web cams around the world, across some popular and also not so popular sites, which you can have complete access to? And guess what? These are LIVE cams!

I am so excited as I open these below links, one country at a time, hit the full screen option, cuddle up in my bed with a warm cup of coffee and feel like I am literally at these beautiful destinations! I'm writing this post in an attempt to provide a happy distraction for travel lovers to partake in. We’re in this alone together!

Here is a list of live cams that will offer you a virtual travel experience during this time of shutdowns. It will enable you to see these places in real time from your couch.

*Note: Open each link separately, one-at-a-time. If opening several tabs, then all tabs will default to the last live cam opened

Let's Travel To Europe?

Trevi Fountain: Check to see if people are back gathering to toss a coin in Rome’s famed fountain

Piazza San Marco: Is Venice’s famous plaza still empty or bustling?

Eiffel Tower: Are tourists returning to Paris’s iconic landmark?

Brugge Market Square: See how this usually busy and picturesque Belgian square has changed

Madrid’s Puerta del Sol: Look to see how people are flowing in this usually-busy plaza in the heart of Madrid

Let's head to the US!

New York City: This 42nd Street live cam peeks into the often packed streets of New York

Las Vegas: The Vegas strip has been much quieter than usual. How is it right now?

Fort Myers Beach: See if people are distancing today on this popular FL beach

Mexico City Zocalo: Check out what activity is taking place in the central plaza of North America’s largest city

Cusco’s Plaza Mayor: See what it’s like in this tourism hub that’s used as a launch pad for Machu Picchu

Ever Been To Or Wanted To Visit Iceland?

Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland - Today, let's sit by a calming lake in Iceland with our evening cup of tea and do some self-reflection?

Where Else Should We Go?

Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park – At last look, I spotted some elephants playing in a watering hole! Check if you're lucky today and can spot any

Meeru Island Beach Maldives - Ok while people have been raging about their Maldives vacay, some of us are here beating the summer heat at home. Why not head to a beach in Maldives from where we are? Grab your glass of Pina-colada in your hand

A Virtual Dive - How about swimming with cute sea lions or exploring the green sea turtles on the Hawaiian islands? These 360 degree tours will let you take virtual dives across various marine lives

Nothing can definitely make up for actually travelling to a destination, but in times like right now, the best we can do to shift our attention for a bit and spend some feel-good time, is to travel virtually. So why not make the best of the situation and of the endless possibilities there exist.

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