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Winter Lookbook For East Europe

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

If you're headed to a European country during the winter months, then scroll down and check out some outfit ideas, that you could put together and make your gram look fab!

When I'm usually packing for a trip, the first thing I ever do is open my itinerary and start making a list of the places I would be visiting. I Google up these places and check how the terrain would be looking like during my time of visit, colors at my places of travel, weather conditions and local style, I start to create looks that'll not just fit the aesthetic of the locations best, but also serve to be comfortable and stylish.

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I visited East Europe (Prague-Salzburg-Vienna-Budapest) during December when the landscapes are covered in a blanket of snow. And this gave me ample room to pack in a lot of color into my looks, so that I could stand out against the white snowy backdrops.

Ground Rule: If you're visiting a white snowy destination or any destination that is full of subtle colors like Greece (white & blue), make sure to pack in a lot of bright colors to stand out against these subtle backdrops. And if you're visiting destinations that would have places full of colors like a tropical island (blue, green) or any bright colored landscapes, pack in a lot of subtle shades of clothing. Stick to beiges, olives, navy blues, whites and nudes. You do not want to look one with the bright background!

Here is my lookbook from beautiful Europe.


Prague is full of colorful victorian architecture that is usually white and during December, as most part of Prague is covered in snow, except some pop of color on rooftops that you'll see.

I wanted to wear a dress, but the cold weather wouldn't let me. So I ditched my usual favourite style of a summer dress and went for a knitted woolen dress with full sleeves and a crew neck. Ofcourse, I had to style it with boots, because why not! And some woollen tights to keep me nice and warm. I also carried a camel colored overcoat along with me.

Dress: River Island - London store

Overcoat: Club Factory Boots: Forever 21 Grey Tights: Forever 21 Gloves: Shein IN

December in Europe can get super chilly and even if you're someone who can deal well with cold, its most preferable to always keep your neck and ears warm. It'll keep you from falling ill and of course if styled well, even looks great!

Pink Beret: Club Factory Scarf: Jet Airways! (Not kidding)


When I Googled up Salzburg during winter, there wasn't a single spot that wasn't covered in snow. I also figured there would be a few lakes (blues) where I would be visiting. So here's what I packed in.

Coat: Club Factory White Denims: Levis Boots: Bangkok Scarf: Primark (London) Gloves: Shein IN

I figured the best way to add a pop of color to this outfit would be a classic red beret that would not just go with the outfit but also against the magical white backdrops of Salzburg.

Beret: Primark (London)

We had a day dedicated to the 'Sound Of Music' tour in Salzburg where we would be taken to the sets of the popular musical drama and when I Googled this place, it was full of dried wild berry trees, snow and some bright yellow construction. I wanted to blend will with the backdrop and so I chose a mustard sweater with an olive coat and a checkered skirt. I threw in an animal printed scarf to go with the whole look.

Mustard Sweater: Club Factory Olive Coat: Primark (London) Scarf: Local store Brown tights: Forever 21 Black Cap: Forever 21


In my itinerary, in Vienna I had a number of old victorian, historical places of visit. I decided to put together a look that would look royal and chic. And nothing speaks royal than this cute navy-blue peplum coat I bought from London.

Coat: Primark (London) Brown Tights : Forever 21 Green crew neck dress: Club Factory Scarf: Local store


Budapest was again a lot of snowy terrain except for the thermal baths where I carried my swim wear along. But for the rest, I decided to keep it subtle and do a monochrome look.

White scarf: Primark (London)

Pink gloves: Primark (London) White Sweater: Club Factory

For the inter-city rail journeys, it isn't too cold as the outdoors, so you can probably let go of your overcoats, gloves and caps. A sweater however, is definitely recommended. And having an over coat handy for when you reach your destination and step out of the train.

Sweater: Club Factory

But that's not all, apart from these location specific looks, I also carried a couple evening dresses for a bar hopping night in Budapest and also a couple swimsuits for the thermal baths in Budapest.

You'll find a heater in every room during this time of the year so if you're planning to lounge indoors for a bit, feel free to pack in your usual comfy lounge wear without being afraid of the cold.

Carry some extra pairs of socks and gloves and its recommended you always have two pairs of gloves on when out in the cold. I realised keping my palms warm, in general kept me completely warm and I didn't feel any kind of unbearable cold!

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