• Jinal Inamdar

Zomato New Feature - Mark Your Order As COVID-19 Emergency

Android and iPhone users, Zomato has just introduced a new Zomato app feature where you can mark your order as COVID-19 emergency meal.

The feature lets you prioritize your meal order by pushing it front of the queue and also assigning the 'fastest rider' they can, basis your location. These priority orders are also to receive dedicated customer support.

  • The deliveries will be contactless; they need to be prepaid for

  • These emergency orders are now accessible on your Zomato App across restaurants who have signed up for this

  • You'll find a "This order is related to a COVID-19 emergency” option available on the order page, to know which restaurant falls under this

  • There is no extra charge that you have to pay for this 'emergency covid delivery' - you just have to pay what you usually would - for the meal & the standard delivery

The option I feel is great for those families who are tested positive and home quarantining, or for those taking care of positive patients, and struggling with making meals.

More On This: An Ultimate COVID-19 Care Guide - What To Do & What Not To!

*Please consider this as a "food ambulance" and DO NOT misuse the service. For all you know a COVID positive patient may be delayed given food, while you are totally fine, but wanting to experiment with this nouvelle emergency service!

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